Memories of our Loved One’s

Memories of our Loved One’s
This is a letter he wrote to me when I ended up getting sectioned in a psychiatric ward, where again he supported me as he knew I shouldn’t be in there. He knew the truth that I was suffering from grief.  Words can be so powerful, for helping others and hurting others. I re-read this letter many times and it gave me strength and hope that I would recover and get out of the ward I was sectioned in.

Deconstructing You - Life Unravelled in Five Minutes, Dark Night of the Soul

Deconstructing You with Alice Readman on Podcast Elinor Moshe April 2024

Deconstructing YOU Podcast with Elinor Moshe 

Alice Readman has had a varied career, from her 20’s as a bass player in the UK indie band “the auteurs”, to retraining in photography and working for top UK magazine companies. In her 40’s she retrained as a graphic designer and started a married life.

Her life completely changed one day when her 5 year marriage came to a sudden end, her husband announced he was having an affair and no longer wanted their 2 adopted children; they were meeting the next day.

Be Inspired by Marian Duven, on I Am Alice Podcast, Episode 6

Marian Duven, a singer, songwriter, musician, shared her transformational story with me on my I Am Alice Podcast on YouTube. She was diagnosed wit...

Special Offer for July for my book I Am Alice....

Special Offer for July for my book I Am Alice....

To celebrate my book which is selling well in Bali, where I live. I am offering my ebook at just 4.99 pounds.

I am Alice, Break up, Breakdown, Breakthrough

An inspiring memoir meets adventure novel about Alice Readman, whose world crumbles and life takes an unexpected turn when she decides to embark on a journey of self-discovery and adventure!

Do you have a story to tell?

Do you have a story to tell?

Do you have a story to tell?

We all have life experiences and by sharing them with others we give others permission to speak their truth.  Why should we speak out truth?

1. It helps us heal

2. It gives permission and validation for our own personal experiences.

3. It helps others in ways we will never know.

4. It touches people’s hearts and souls.

5. It gives us back our personal power to be their true authentic self. It helps others do the same. We set ourselves free and we help to free others.