What a surprise I Am Alice is Number #1 on Amazon books

What a surprise I Am Alice is Number #1 on Amazon books

Everyone should read this candid and thought provoking account of three very real and personal experiences that actually happened to one person. Each of these individual events would be challenging for anyone, but when combined are the stuff of nightmares. Alice takes us through her thoughts, actions and reactions to unexpected life changing situations that we all think will never happen to us, prompting the reader to ask 'what would I do if any of this happened to me?'

Laura Kennedy

I am flabbergasted and gobsmacked that the human spirit can survive such personal trauma and then go on to flourish and thrive - as Alice has done.For anyone who has had any experience of trauma, be it first hand or second hand, her story is a shining beacon of survival, resilience and the art of creating a new and vibrant future. A memoir like no other. A ‘must read’ for all!


Now On Sale at Amazon - I am Alice, Break up, Breakdown, Breakthrough -

Now On Sale at Amazon - I am Alice, Break up, Breakdown, Breakthrough -

The Book: I am Alice 


What others say:

“A Riveting Read! Real, authentic and raw. Thank you, Alice, for sharing your powerful life story so beautifully and how one event can spiral into a sequence of events, bringing us on a heroine’s journey to find the resources and a way through, into a deeper understanding, healing and eventually awakening to a new way of being!” - Ciara McArdle, Trauma Specialist & Psycho-Spiritual Therapist

Mantra & Meditation

Mantra & Meditation
Mantra & Meditation  What is it? Why is it so powerful? A mantra can be in your own language or you can use a Vedic Mantra, these are in Sans...

Meditation and Mantra

Meditation and Mantra

Here are some tips that helped me:


A daily meditation practice - it sounds hard work but actually, it's easy, enjoyable and your mind and body love it! Breathing is the key to life, so meditation is a way of focusing on the breath and bringing harmony within, therefore helping you deal with the daily stress of life. 

Try it, it costs nothing and can really bring about some welcome changes in your habits in life.

Choose a meditation technique

  1. Download app Sadhguru is my meditation of choice (Read his book Inner Engineering - a practical guide to life)
  2. Download Calm
  3. Listen to a guided meditation - check them out on Spotify first before buying
  4. Use a mantra of your choice- a Mala helps remind you to say the mantra 108 times

Establish a morning routine

1. Create a space of 15-20 minutes to practice your meditation technique. Just do it and get on with your day.

2. During the day check in and see how you feel? Do a few deep breaths and let go of your stress or stretch for your body. 

3. Do you have a Monkey Mind?  Are you repeatedly going over problems or scenarios in your head?  Repeat a mantra and dissolve this nonsense. It works! You can say it in your head or sing it out loud.  Alternatively, just listen to a mantra and feel the harmony it brings to your mind and body. Sound frequency is a very powerful self-healing tool.

4. Use and wear a mala to remind you to meditate, and use your mantra for optimal health. Choose from a selection of Malas from the Mala Mantra Maker catalogue.

5. Be the observer to your thoughts, what is your mind thinking about? Question your thoughts? 

6. Be kind to yourself and others you will feel so much better in yourself. Kindness costs nothing and brings happiness to yourself and others.

7. Smile - when you smile you actually start to feel better, as there are marma points around your mouth. 

8. Walk in nature or focus on a plant or beautiful flower by focusing your mind on this you will be connecting with nature and also your inner self.  Watch the way the leaves blow in the wind.  Keep focusing and as you focus you relax your mind, body and soul.

A simple mantra to bring peace: 

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti (Peace to your mind, body and spirit)


Express Myself Mala

Express Myself Mala

Express Myself Mala

Meet Julia @trippingtribe wearing my Express Myself Mala in turquoise semi-precious stones and lava beads from my new Mount Agung collection @malamantramaker  - so excited to see my Mala being worn and loved 💕🙏

We all have difficulties sometimes expressing our true feelings for fear of being misunderstood or labelled.  When we are in need of help I guess it is probably the hardest time to reach out and ask for some help from friends or family. Instead, we just soldier on and hope the feelings will soon pass us by and we are able to ‘get over’ these uncomfortable feelings. Sometimes feelings come up for no apparent reason, or so it seems, but really the feelings were there all along and have just found a safe time to pop up.